Sony may no longer be the most sought after international electronics brand but it continues to produce state of the art technology and incorporate them into its manufactured creations. Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam Camcorder, with its stylish exterior and dynamic interior, is another one of Sony’s most innovative to date, whether in design or construction.

The Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam Camcorder records standard-definition videos on many available storage formats including 3-inch DVDs, Memory Stick flash media, or its 16GB of internal memory. Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam Camcorder has a very responsive 2.7″ LCD touch screen, roughly the same size as many present photography cameras’ screens, and has a Carl Zeiss lens with 60X optical zoom. Also, it has the capability to record sound in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound format through it microphone.

Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam Camcorder records digital videos in MPEG-4 format and takes photographs in JPEG format at 0.34 mega pixels in resolution. A built-in lens protector shields the lens from dust and other harmful alien and foreign substances. This device supports the latest PC OS’s such as windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

While shooting, different modes can be selected for various environments and situations such as Snow, Beach, Candle, Sunset, Sunrise, Fireworks, Landscape, Spotlight , Sports, Portrait, and Twilight modes. This Handycam may not be the latest in technology, but when Sony is concerned u can be assured that there be no compromise on quality and reliability. The Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Handycam Camcorder is suitable for beginners, partial enthusiasts and for recording casual videos of family outings and holidays.