When a person begins their search for digital camcorders, reading reviews may be a idea. The Sony Handycam DCR – SR85 is so fresh that a person may find locating reviews to be rather troublesome. The technology that this particular device uses is beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination as to what constitutes a great camcorder. In order to learn about this video recorder, a person should do a little probing and find out all they can because once they learn, they will want one of their own.

The Sony Handycam DCR – SR85 is completely dependent on its internal hard drive to hold all of its memory. That is why this small camcorder has sixty gigs of memory to store a bundle of information. This memory is more than what some modern computers have to offer.

It also puts the consumer right in the middle of the action by having a zoom option that can magnify images up to twenty five times. This allows for those tight close-ups that are so hard to capture with many other digital camcorders.

Another great feature of the Sony DCR-sr85 is that is uses hybrid recording technology. Since it focuses specifically on its internal memory for storage, a person needs a way to share and record their special moments besides being dependent on the memory of the digital camcorder.

Hybrid technology offers consumers the option to transfer data to a memory stick without the use of a computer. This is one of the new features that will be included in all digital camcorders in the near future.

This Sony camcorder does just that. With all of the camcorder accessories that come with this baby, a person can be the most high tech movie maker at their kid’s soccer game. Storing movies has never been easier thanks to Sony and their revolutionary technology.

The technology of the Sony Handycam DCR – SR85 is way beyond anything that a person could have conceived only a few short years ago. Today, the world is so high tech that a person must stay on top of it to be up with the times.