A handycam or camcorder is an electronic device, having a video recording device and camera built-in together. Handycams are very popular and come in different sizes. You can even find them in mobile phones and different iPods and MP3/MP4 players. The concept of a handycam is similar to the age-old video cameras, which were quite famous during the 70s or 80s. They used to have a videotape inside them, which were later recorded in the video cassettes and then played in VCRs.

Following the same technique, small handycams or camcorders were introduced, which had almost the same features but in a portable device that could be easily carried. A handycam has a small cassette player, which records your memorable events, and it is very easy to use. That’s why you don’t need a specialist to operate it like the old video cameras. Even a kid can operate these handycams easily. There are different companies that make these handycams. Canon is one of the pioneers. Canon handycam are very popular because of the trustworthiness associated with the brand.

People believe in Canon as it has been in the electronic devices business for many years. If you browse, you would find a wide variety of Canon handycams online. There is CCD Mini DV handycam, which uses a flash memory card and a high image resolution of 1280×960 and 640×480. Another popular handycam is Canon XL-2, which is used mainly for professional purposes like architectural designs or movie recordings, because of its 20x lens that is interchangeable too. One of the latest camcorders by Canon is XM2, which is a mini DV handycam, with a 2.5 inch LCD, 0.44 inch viewfinder and an auto focus button with a rubber ring around it. It can also produced digital effects and has a 1.7 megapixel camera in it.

Recently, Canon has introduced their new smallest handycam, which could be used for professional purposes as well as on family trips. It is Canon XA10, weighing only 820 grams. It is user-friendly and has gotten latest editing features. It is mainly targeted for live events, sports and live news. best for recording home and outdoor videos, this handycam is worth only $2,000. Due to the continuous innovation, Canon handycams have always remained a hot commodity amongst all the camcorders available in the market. The best things about them are their friendly usage nature and averagely ranging prices.