A video camera is an essential tool to make your moments memorable for all your life. What you capture today with a handycam will be preserved for a very long time for you to cherish. Handycams are light weighted and fully loaded with features for audio and video recordings any day and at anytime.

It also enables still photography by the user. You would never want to miss the sight of your child’s birth or the first time he gave a smile or his first steps. You can capture many moments for your friends and families such as memorable vacations, weddings, birthday celebrations, convocations, social gatherings, baby showers or any other event- big or small.

Handycams are available very easily at almost all stores selling such gadgets. They come in a variety of features, such as zooming capacity of the lens, LCD display panels or even the outer body of the video camera. Generally, all handycams are compatible DVD players and can directly record the footages to the DVD or a memory stick, which can be inserted into the camera.

Every new model of a handycam is different in terms of the image quality and optical zoom strength of the lense. A camcorder may have zooming ability of 60x while another may be able to zoom upto 2000x of the original size.

A decent handycam is easily available in various stores at different prices, which may be based upon the usage or functionality attached with the camera. This also applies to the digital still pictures cameras.

A high-resolution megapixel camera will cost more than one, which has lower resolution. Similarly, a professional SLR camera will cost more than a normal camera meant for novice use.

Handycams come with various essential attachments so that you can directly plug them into your PCs, laptops or even television sets to enjoy what you have captured.

A professional camera will appeal to those who are photographers by passion or by work. An SLR lens is used in professional cameras that are adjusted by the user himself according to the various specifications he wants in his pictures (such as light or color shades). SLR lenses are too available in abundance at various stores or maybe online.

You have an ample choice if you are planning to buy a handycam, which may be for a generic use or a professional use. They come in various designs, features, utilities, accessories and functions. These plethoras of choices are for all who may have a lower budget or may have a big budget for this amazing gadget.